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Karadi Path Education Company is a social enterprise founded with a mission to improve English proficiency of students, particularly from low-income communities, through our unique and innovative English language programmes. We have been researching the natural way people acquire their mother-tongue and other languages from the environment for well over 16 years. Based on our research, have developed the Karadi Path Methodology, an indigenously developed approach to enhance English proficiency among learners. From a humble beginning of 56 schools in 2010, to operating in 2600+ schools across 17 states, we are currently impacting 21,000 teachers and 6,00,000+ students across the country.


  • Karadi Path won the MILLENNIUM ALLIANCE AWARD 2018 under the Education sector to Enable Early Grade Reading in Government Tribal Schools in Andhra Pradesh
  • Karadi Path won the Sankalp Award 2014 in Education category.
  • We are also the recipients of grant from USAID's READ Alliance, as part of their Early Grade Reading Innovation Challenge 2014.
  • Karadi Path has been identified by Project Literacy Lab, San Francisco, USA, as one of the top 16 educational enterprises in the world that can close the global literacy gap by 2030.

English Climbers introduces pre-school children to the English language in a fun, interesting and interactive way. Given that the children are at a formative age in their lives, the programme is designed to help develop cognitive ability and imagination.

English Climbers aims to:

  • Introduce children to basic concepts such as colours, shapes numbers and phonic alphabet through story telling.
  • Recognise non-verbal cues, facial expressions and body languages
  • Help the children form a bond with colourfully illustrated books
  • Use sensory and tactile learning to introduce children to English
  • Develop a spirit of cooperation and collaboration

English Climbers offers the most natural language learning pedagogy for a child. The programme comprises 72 sessions of 30 minutes each.

Other programmes:


The Karadi Path Methodology uses a non-linear and non- instructional approach to enable the student to think, to listen, and ultimately communicate in English. It mirrors the way one intuitively imbibes their mother tongue or any other language naturally from the environment. Through this approach, a child internalises the structure of the language.

Karadi Path uses action, music, reading, story and theatre to capture all the elements of natural language acquisition and is designed to make students confident users of English.

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