The Karadi Path Methodology

The core of the Karadi Path methodology lies in the natural way we acquire languages, whether it is the mother tongue or languages that we constantly hear around us.

The Karadi Path method can be described as:

  • 1

    Intuitive: Uses intuitive intelligence (right-brain oriented) over logical intelligence (left-brain oriented) – the intelligence with which we learn to walk, learn our mother tongue and learn to sing.

  • 2

    Immersive: Creates a rich immersive language environment in the classroom through various modes.

  • 3

    Non-linear: Provides multiple paths to the goal of language learning allowing every individual learner to use his or her preferred way of learning.

  • 4

    Non-instructional: All learning is delivered experientially without any instructions and without explaining meanings of words or phrases.

  • 5

    Multi-sensorial: Learning language through listening, seeing and doing with a high focus on listening.

  • 6

    Multi-modal: Learning language through multiple modes such as physical activity, music and stories.

Karadi Path activates the above principles of language learning through 3 modules:

Action Path: Learning language using the body. Through a variety of commands and actions, this allows the learner to quickly assimilate elementary vocabulary and phraseology, building the foundation for further learning. (Listening, Understanding, Speaking)

Action Path Video

Music Path: Tunes the brain to recognise the patterns of an alien language thereby laying the foundation for impactful listening. The learner engages with a series of rhymes that address specific aspects of language such as functional, descriptive and emotional.

Music Path Video

Story Path: Learners learn language through exciting audiobook stories with a rich narrative and soundtrack. The audiobook stories are scripted and presented specifically to aid intuitive expansion of the language. This is further reinforced by contextual and non-contextual conversational and theatrical exercises. (Listening, Understanding, Reading, Speaking)

Story Path Video

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