My students are from middle and lower middle class sections and hey don’t have an English speaking environment at home. The only place for them to acquire English is the school. I tried many programmes for years and only after bringing Karadi Path - Magic English to my school, I am seeing great improvement. That’s the reason I am using Karadi Path for more than 3 years.

Ms. S.Mangayarkarasi, Principal, Balasaravana Vidyalaya, Velachery, Chennai.

Karadi Path has broken the monotony. Children do enjoy the POWER ENGLISH programme to the core. Textual way of teaching is not seen. It is real magic, I can say. It has transformed our children to a new condition where they love to be in the Karadi Path classes. This is going to bring about a big change in the future and we are going take this up continuously for years to come.

Ms. M.S.Vidhya, Principal, Chettinad Vidya Mandir, Puliyur, Tamilnadu.

Children are enjoying Karadi Path very much. Their vocabulary is developing very well. They are using English even when they play with their friends.

Ms. Maruthanayaki, Teacher, Kulapati Dr.S.Balakrishna Joshi Gurukulam Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kolathur, Tamilnadu.

Karadi Path - Magic English is a gift to us and for these children whose parents do not speak any English.

Ms. Malathi, Teacher, Padma Subramanian Bala Bhavan Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Mangadu, Tamilnadu.

When children are from different backgrounds and they are in an English medium school, they are expected to express in English and Karadi Path is making a breakthrough in that gap.

Ms. Subala Ananthanarayanan, Principal, Sankara Vidyalaya (CBSE), Chennai.

Karadi Path methodology is different from the traditional methods of teaching where only reading and writing develops. But Karadi Path develops listening and speaking abilities also.

Ms. S.Chandra, Teacher, Rani Meyyammai Matriculation School, Puliyur, Tamilnadu.

Since we started the Karadi Path programme, the very environment in our rural schools has changed. Our children are enjoying and speaking English and our teachers’ English has improved too.

S. Swapna Jyothi, Manager- Training and Development, Bodhi Society, Hyderabad.

A lot of English is happening inside the Karadi Path class as every 40 minute session is packed with Action, Music and Stories for the children to listen and absorb the language quickly.

Ms. S.Kavitha, Teacher, Sankara Vidyalaya (CBSE), Chennai.

Children are learning the English language in an enjoyable way without any stress.

Mrs.R.Gowri, Principal, Rani Meyyammai Matriculation School, Puliyur, Tamilnadu.

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