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There is a growing demand and aspiration for acquiring English proficiency among the general population. This is fed by the persistent demand for English in the higher education and at workplaces. The existing pedagogies fail to build the necessary language skills amplify the issue. This is more pronounced among the students of communities at the base of the pyramid. This is in regions where the environment may not support English and teachers themselves may not be highly proficient in English. The increasing demand and the glaring issue highlight the importance of building English proficiency early, even in rural English-deprived areas.

Karadi Path developed a novel program that caters to the specific needs of such students given their background and context, thus called as ‘Magic English – Second Language Learners’ (ME-SLL) programme.

The Karadi Path Magic English SLL programme is an English language programme, designed based on Karadi Path methodology. The programme attempts to rapidly improve the English proficiency of children from predominantly non-English environments.

Programme Features

  • 1

    Mother tongue approach to language learning

  • 2

    Intuitive learning processes through multisensory and non-linear approaches

  • 3

    100% derivative process where the child's vocabulary and comprehension naturally increase, without explicitly teaching meaning of the words

  • 4

    Zero-resistance learning

  • 5

    Delivery of language as a first language, i.e. thought, understanding and expression are in the same language, no translation is involved

  • 6

    Not dependent on high levels of English proficiency in teachers


  • 1

    Develop listening comprehension

  • 2

    Build spoken expression

  • 3

    Enable reading comprehension

  • 4

    Provide a foundation for written expression

Programme Structure

The Magic English SLL programme is spread across two levels implemented in two academic years. Each level consists of 72 sessions of 40 minutes each (96 hours total). The sessions are included in the school’s regular timetables, typically running three sessions each week. Each level must be completed within one academic year. Each 40 minutes Karadi Path Magic English SLL session is activity and entertainment packed. Each session is further divided into modules, (1) Action Path, (2) Music Path, (3) Reading Path, and (4) Story Path. The teachers are provided with a detailed session-by-session manual. The modular design of the programme allows us to systematically implement varied language and reading development activities.


The assessment protocol tests comprehension, speaking and reading abilities of the students. Assessment studies are conducted at the beginning (Baseline) and at the end of the academic year (Midline / Endline) to evaluate student’s competency across each of the parameters. The testing is done on unfamiliar material and administered individually to each student. Student’s response is scored by an assessor nominated by the user institution.

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